About Oakio

Founded in 2009, Oakio has invented, defined and perfected the WPC Products
category, becoming one of the largest WPC products manufacturers. 



Oakio is the first WPC manufacturer in China to use oak fiber as a raw material.


Birth of Iniwood Technology

Oakio introduces the most advanced WPC production technology from the United States, with oak fiber and recycled HDPE as the main raw materials, combined with production equipment in China, to produce WPC products on a large scale. Oakio became the first WPC manufacturer in China to use oak fiber as a raw material.



Fireproof Decking Technology

Oakio successfully developed a fireproof Iniwood product that met the European Bfl-S1-D0 fire resistance standard, which was the highest fire rating for WPC products at that time. This technology uses pure inorganic additives, which not only ensure the physical properties of the product, but also do not cause any pollution to the environment.


Exclusive Proshield Technology

To further enhance Iniwood collection, Oakio has developed a new generation product with golf ball materials as cap after two years of research and experimentation. This technology adopts the method of co-extrusion molding, which greatly enhances the UV resistance, waterproof performance, mildew resistance and stain resistance of the product. Proshield has gradually become the main product, and sales  have increased tremendously.



Birth of Armstrong

With the increase in the need for WPC pergola on the international market, Oakio has developed a technology with glass fiber as a reinforcing material —  Armstrong Pergola. It greatly enhances the toughness, rigidity and aging resistance of WPC, and makes the sales of pergola increase sharply.



Birth of Matshield Technology

Oakio modifies the surface of the co-extruded product, so that the surface of the product produces a matte effect, which is more natural, and the wear resistance of the product surface is simultaneously enhanced. This technology can also be added with additional fireproof formulations so that the product also meets the European Bfl-S1-D0 fire protection standard.



Birth of Elashield Technology

Oakio’s technology is the world’s first technology to enhance products with elastic fabrics. The co-extrusion layer thickness of the product is as high as 2mm. The product surface is elastic, the wood grain 3D effect is quite delicate, and the color mixing effect of the product makes Elastic products have a strong wooden appearance, which is welcomed by European and American buyers. In addition, Elashield can also use antistatic enhancement formulations to further improve the quality of the product.



Debut of 3D Wood Grain

To further enhance Iniwood’s woody feel, Oakio has developed a new 3D wood grain, which combined with the latest color mixing technology. It has improved the appearance of Iniwood products. 3D wood grain is available in a variety of styles, and wood grain can be customized according to customer needs.



Alushield Technology is Coming Soon

Alushield is a new type of product that is co-extruded with aluminum and WPC materials, which has the rigidity and toughness of aluminum. It has the wooden appearance of WPC, and greatly improves the mechanical properties of the product without significantly increasing the weight of the product.  Alushield will be widely used in grape racks, exterior walls, ceilings, etc.